Starring- Joke Silva, Alex Usifo, Sola Sobowale, Zack Orji, Kalu Ikeagwu, Clarion Chukwura, Gloria Anozie, Zulu Adigwe, Bimbo Akintola, Jibola Dabo amongst others. It revolves around the ills of the society

A society that is built on falsehood, is manifested in families and broken homes, when the quest for wealth and power is high, it exposes it's victims the risk of fear, HIV, poverty and family disgrace, when the truth which is the secret come out, it becomes (A SCANDAL) A must watch! It is an Excellent program, showing across the nation and nine(9) cable stations at the moment..

HAPPY FAMILY - Best Television Sitcom TAVA Awards

HAPPY FAMILY is a situation Comedy that dramatizes the challenges of keeping (FAMILY) together, with forgiveness, understanding and with love remaining in the institution called Marriage.

They struggle to live with the realities and challenges that come with Marriage, regardless of distractions from friends, co-workers and relatives.

Who thinks that it could be a bondage.

Starring :Olu Jacobs,Patience Ozokwor, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Matilda Obaseki, Bishop Ime Umoh, Mike Godson, Chinyere Winifred, Mary Lazarus,IK Ogbonna, Diana Yekini and others


Over time, we know and have experienced that music is food to the soul not just any music but good music. And based on this, we have packaged this wonderful interesting musical program titled MUSIC & VIBES to entertain our audience with music and musical events. Such as award/shows, interviews with favourite celebrities as well as critique their works in order to correct and encourage them to do well subsequently.

We take a rating of their works from them and from the audience to know what they think about it. We also show their cribs and behind the scene i.e. studio works, pre/post productions, top ten countdown, hit list be it local or international, celebrities yab/gist and showcasing of the latest music fresh from the oven

Presenters: IK Ogbonna, Baaj Adebule, Mary Lazarus


REAL SPORTS is a sports program which is designed to bring news and update on SPORTS across the globe to its audience. Reviews, Analysis and Previews of the Pre and Post event on SPORTS and special guest appearance of our football stars, sharing their views and objectives towards sports development.


Love and Companion is a wonderful thing and in search of it Mr. Olababatunde McCarthy (The London Boy) have to go in search across the sea to where his heart leads to; despite all the obstacles love will prevail in building a home and a future peaceful family.

Starring: - Hakeem Kae Kazim amongst others


EATING HEALTY The African Way. Is a Food Nutritional Program targeted to Educate and also Entertain people on how to Make and Eat Healthy (Local and Continental dishes) use of spice and seasoning, and how to do it in a healthy way. It also informs you on the nutrients in the food we eat.

Presenters: Patience Ozokwor, Hellen Paul

You and I

YOU & I is a television program that treats challenges and reasons why we choose certain professions shot on locations of business e.g. Okada riders, Taxi drivers, Area boys, Tailors, Models, Prostitutes, Bankings, and Teaching etc. We go to their place of work to sample their opinions.


It is targeted to reveal the inventions, objectives and hazards of our day to day professional goals, an interactive session from viewers to sample their opinion on these subjects.


E FIT BE YOU is Starring- Afeez Oyetoro, Rachael Oniga, Ijeoma Chibueze, Lola Kazeem amongst others.

It revolves around the happenings in our society today that it could be me or you or anyone to make a change or fall a victim of the situation of the country. It also educates and entertains,. E FIT BE YOU. E FIT BE ME. E FIT BE ANYBODY.